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The Leading Behavioral Health Answering Service with Unmatched Industry Expertise

Answer Assist is the premier behavioral health answering service that has extensive experience in the behavioral health industry and recognized the unique challenges facing patients seeking behavioral health care.

We were concerned about the number of patient phone calls that were being missed or mishandled by providers, and wanted to create a service that could help ensure that every person who called a behavioral health provider would speak to a live, US-based phone representative that could guide and direct them with empathy and understanding.

With this vision in mind, the group of strategic investors and healthcare professionals founded Answer Assist, with the goal of providing a reliable, compassionate, and high-quality answering service for the behavioral health industry.

Quickly, Answer Assist has grown to become a trusted partner for behavioral health providers across the country, with a team of experienced, US-based phone representatives who are trained to handle calls with sensitivity, respect, and expertise.

Today, Answer Assist remains committed to its mission of providing high-quality, compassionate answering services for the behavioral health industry. With a focus on exceptional customer service, cutting-edge technology, and a team of skilled and compassionate professionals, Answer Assist is proud to serve as a leading provider of answering services for behavioral health providers nationwide.

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